About Quality Assurance

"In terms of importance, quality must be rated above schedule and price."
TechPlus Microwave has implemented a Quality Management system in line with ISO 9001:2008. It is our policy to supply products that conform to all established requirements and expectations of our customers. We are committed to continuous quality improvement. Everyone shares the responsibility for ensuring the quality of TechPlus Microwave's products, and to help assure the success of this policy, the following functions are assigned;
Marketing / Sales - Specification Quality
Our Quality reputation depends on how well the initial product specifications describe the needs and expectations of the customer. This sets the stage for all that follows in the product development and production processes.
Engineering - Design Quality.
The design documents establish the Quality requirements for the product being manufactured. Early design reviews help to ensure that final design not only meet the needs of the customer, but also the practical needs of manufacturing.
Manufacturing - Product and process Quality.
The manufacturing department is held responsible for performing all fabrication, assembly, test and required special processes exactly as specified in the applicable engineering documentation.
Purchasing & Material Control - Material & Parts Quality.
The on-time scheduled delivery of acceptable material to stock at a reasonable cost. Purchasing must have and abide by a good set of Quality disciplines.
Quality Assurance - Quality Standards.
The Quality organization's first responsibility is to protect against the consequences of shipping product that fails to meet the customers' requirements. Quality department exists for the purpose of assisting all departments and individuals in the accomplishment of this policy by providing, as required, Quality education, Quality performance measurements and Quality improvement directions.

TechPlus Microwave's Quality organization sets the standards for good relations and communication, both with other functional groups within the company and with customers and suppliers.

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